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Overarching, bold, innovative ideas relating to the field of Social Innovation and the foundation of the CoLab. 

SIE CoLab Blog
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An area for a close-up study of an organization, program, or business that addresses systems-change in a new and innovative way.


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A showcase of an individual perspective on an issue relating to the work of the CoLab. 


A space for the Transformers to share their perspectives on and personal experiences with the pressing issues facing our planet.



Meet The Team


Cosette Falker

I am a junior at Florida State University majoring in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a double major in Environment and Society. I believe strongly in the transformative power each of us has to rebuild our broken systems. I am especially passionate about environmental justice. When I have free time I love hiking, traveling, and being creative. 


Crosby Martin 

Hello! I am a recent graduate with a degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Florida State University. I enjoy gardening, cooking, and camping. I'm excited to be a part of the CoLab because I want to help discover solutions to our current economic systems that are incredibly wasteful, destructive, and inefficient.  

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About Us

Here at the CoLab, we believe harmonious alignment between people, planet, and prosperity is possible. It is time to reset the social, economic, and environmental value proposition which has led to the imbalance the world faces today. On this blog, you will find the powerful ideas which fuel our mission and stories of success from the CoLab network.  This blog is a place of community for the members of the CoLab and its emerging leaders. 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

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