Our Team

The SIE CoLab is comprised of a team who came together around a shared set of values.

Founding Board


International EARLI Council

Our International EARLI (Early Adopters in Re-Engineering & Leading Innovation) Council

is in a start-up phase. Please check back shortly for additional members of this critical group.

Transformers & Changemakers

Our focus is on investing in young leaders to bring about generational changes that lay the foundation for transformative communities: a healthy planet, people who are able to fulfill their true potential, and prosperity that is accessible to everyone.


transformer noun

trans·​form·​er | \ tran(t)s-ˈfȯr-mər


  1. One who seeks awareness, understanding, comprehension, and know-how essential to designing and innovating systems change in form, nature, and function for the better.

  2. A young, emerging student leader in any discipline who is gaining knowledge, theory, and experiential practice through the lens of social innovation and entrepreneurship (SIE).

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Cosette Falker


Rose Walters

changemaker noun

change·make·​er | \ chānj- mā′kər


  1. One who takes bold and innovative action in collaboration with others to solve complex social, environmental, and economic problems; is tenacious about the greater good. 

  2. A young professional leader who is advancing the tools and approaches of social innovation and entrepreneurship (SIE) through their careers within the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.