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Explore the SIE CoLab's nascent Learning Lab and gather a deeper understanding of the research and practice related to the best interdisciplinary thinking and innovation from across the private, public, and non-profit sectors that have informed our work. 

Bali SIE Immersion:

 Transformative Hero's Journey

Bali, Indonesia
June 6
 - 23, 2024

Our young change leaders are hungry for the knowledge, skills, tools, and mindsets that will allow them to effectively address the urgent and complex challenges of the 21st century. 

They recognize that our old responses are not working.


We need a new approach that transcends the current paradigm; one that empowers changemakers

to address the adaptive challenges we face today through a system-wide framework

that integrates technical knowledge and strategies with adaptive leadership and problem-solving.

The field of social innovation & entrepreneurship (SIE) provides the foundation for this new approach.

This immersive, hands-on SIE experience features site visits to innovative impact organizations and community-based initiatives, the Bali Institute’s unique “living classrooms,” interaction with incredible local Changemakers whose journeys will inspire, and a deep dive into Bali’s history and cultural traditions. Unique learning opportunities include snorkeling over a coral reef restoration project and dinner with a member of the Balinese Royal Family.


“This program is for anyone who wants to acquire or hone the knowledge, skills, tools, and mindsets needed to effectively address the adaptive challenges of the 21st century,” said Bruce Manciagli, a former Florida State University educator and Co-Founder of the SIE CoLab who leads the program and is a long-time Global Advisor to the Bali Institute. “Participants leave the program realizing their full potential as adaptive changemakers and equipped to be the purpose-driven leaders our world needs today.”


Manciagli said the program is open to anyone seeking greater clarity, purpose and direction in life. Others who should consider participating include:

  • Higher ed students from all disciplines

  • Leaders of impact-driven organizations and initiatives (including nonprofit, for-profit, public, hybrid, and collective impact)

  • Social innovators & entrepreneurs

  • Practicing and aspiring changemakers

  • Trainers and facilitators of changemaking education & practice

  • University faculty, staff and administrators focused on student leadership, engagement, innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact


The program registration fee is $3,950, which covers accommodations, daily breakfasts, most lunches, about half of the dinners, transportation to/from the airport and all program activities, program itinerary and materials as well as 24x7 medical emergency support. It does not include airfare, trip cancellation fees, lost baggage, medical insurance, meals not listed on program itinerary and optional activities that aren’t part of the program. Early bird?


Previous participants say the program is an excellent investment – not only in their professional careers but in how they approach their everyday lives and interact with others.


“This was an incredibly eye-opening experience that will change the course of my life,” said Isabella McLain, an FSU master’s student in Urban & Regional Planning who participated in the program last year. “(The program) fed my soul hope for the future….The SIE CoLab and Bali Institute (are) remarkable mentors and guides in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

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