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Our Theoretical Framework

The field of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SIE)

offers a new lens through which to view adaptive challenges

and an adaptive framework through which to collectively develop

new models and catalyze system transformation.


It is a human-centered, transdisciplinary, and adaptive framework

for addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges at a systemic level

using innovative approaches that are

collaborative, empowering, impactful, sustainable, and scalable.

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The Adaptive SIE Framework for Systems Change
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Based on an extensive review of the SIE & related literature;
conversations with leading faculty, practitioners, and pioneers in the U.S. and internationally; and reflecting on decades of our own related involvement,
we've identified four critical spheres that, when leveraged skillfully and synergistically, generate the conditions for system transformation. 
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Read Manciagli's paper
Defining the Field of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
An Adaptive SIE Framework for Systems Change

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