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Tallahassee Premier of

Welcome to the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SIE) CoLab Adaptive Leadership Institute.

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We are proud to present the premier of the Uncharitable documentary film (see link to trailer below). The important messages of this compelling film are more timely than ever. 

We are living in a disruptive time of accelerating changes characterized by volatility, complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. The scope and pace of these challenges are unprecedented and unsustainable.

The SIE CoLab Institute recognizes the imperative for innovative action and sustainable change. As a nonprofit organization, we provide tools, training, and other resources so nonprofits, businesses, academics, communities, and government can work collectively to create a sustainable world in which everyone can thrive. 

The SIE CoLab Adaptive Leadership Institute’s screening of the documentary Uncharitable will provide a space to begin a dialogue about how we can all work together to effectively innovate and realize this vision. 


We look forward to seeing you at the premier of Uncharitable on May 30!

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More details coming soon...

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