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Image by Bailey Cullen


The SIE CoLab Adaptive Leadership Institute and the

SIE CoLab ValueNet together comprise a hybrid social enterprise (SIE CoLab) whose goal is to transform an unsustainable,

extractive-economic-growth-centered way of life that is

endangering our future. Our focus is on catalyzing and facilitating the transition to a sustainable, regenerative world that equally values

and connects social, economic, and environmental priorities. 

We have a narrow window of opportunity
over the next decade.

The challenges facing our global community are unprecedented and unsustainable. A deadly pandemic, extreme weather patterns and wildfires, depleted and polluted natural systems, a shrinking middle class fueled by a growing income gap, wars on the ground and in cyberspace, fractured electorates, and global economies teetering on the brink...

People are tired, polarized, and paralyzed.

Ultimately, the SIE CoLab Adaptive Leadership Institute and the SIE CoLab ValueNet focus our work on resetting what has been the core “value proposition”—a commitment of benefit to be delivered to those accepting its premise—that has driven how we have organized our societies in the modern world. 


Today’s value proposition promotes endlessly maximizing economic growth over social and environmental priorities and benefits. Implementing our transformative practice model and approach--informed by our cutting-edge theoretical framework--results in an economic system that works in tandem with social and environmental systems to achieve overall well-being. In other words, it’s about transforming our current value proposition to one that prioritizes humanity and life along with shared  prosperity.

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